Which File format is Optimized for Printing?

which file format is optimized for printing

With different file formats available it has become hard to draw a conclusion about which file format is optimized for printing.  So, to clear up this confusion, we have curated this article that provides accurate information on the type of file format that you should consider when opting to print your digital media stuff. Which … Read more

How to open APK Files on a PC (Complete Guide)

how to open APK files on a PC

APK files are downloaded to Android devices directly from the Google Play Store. However, due to an Android security feature, any app or game downloaded outside of the Play Store is flagged as unknown and potentially harmful, and the system blocks it. Then how to open them on a PC? Let us see how to … Read more

DLL File Extension: Everything You Need To Know!

DLL File Extension: Everything You Need To Know

The .dll file extension is a type of file that Windows systems use in order to run applications. It is an executable file, which means it can be opened and accessed by the operating system. In order to open and access these files, you will need a special program known as a DLL opener. In … Read more

Which File Format does not Support Layers?

Which file format does not support layers

Are you a newbie photo editor facing issues in editing images of a certain kind? Are your images also not showing layers or supporting transparency when uploaded on editing software? Then worry not because specific files don’t support this kind of editing. And in this article, we will throw light on Which file format does … Read more

Which File Format can Keynote for mac open?

which file format can keynote for Mac open

Are you a Mac user? Then you must be aware of “Keynote” the professional presentation maker tool for Apple users, that lets you make professional and stunning presentations on the go. However, do you know which file format can keynote for Mac open other than its own? No? Then we recommend you read this article … Read more

Which File Format is Best for 2d Animation?

which file format is best for 2D animation

Many claim that 2D animation is a thing of yesterday. But a trained eye knows that in this world of 3D animation, 2D still has a stronghold and is used very often. Hence, if you are planning to learn this form of animation, you must know what files support it the best. And in this … Read more

Which File Formats can Produce a Transparent Background?

Which file formats can produce a transparent background

There are ample reasons why you would want to use a transparent file. Maybe you want to create that perfect collage for your friend. Or layer one image over the other to make them look cool. Perhaps you want to change the backdrop of your image to make it appear more Instagram-savvy. However, not every … Read more

Which File format is not Supported on Android?

Which file format is not supported on Android

Android as an OS platform has been in the limelight since 2008, and it has managed to power up almost every smartphone available on the planet, except for iPhones because we know “Apple.” Apart from powering up a device, it is also capable of running different file formats that are available in the market. However, … Read more

Top Chrome Extensions to Convert Audio to Text

Do you want to convert that downloaded or recorded audio to text? If yes, then you are in luck because today in this article we will be mentioning 2 of the best chrome extensions to convert audio to text. Top 2 chrome extensions to convert audio to text Listening to audiobooks and podcasts has become … Read more

Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Convert Images to Text

Want to convert an image to text without installing any additional software on your PC? Yes? Then keep reading this article till the end, as we have tried to sum up some of the best chrome extensions to convert images to text. Top 5 chrome extensions to convert images to text We can’t deny the … Read more