What is a VOB file extension and how to open it?

Have you ever found the VOB file inside the file explorer app whenever you have inserted a DVD inside of your computer? If yes, then you must have surely questioned yourself about its existence and how it can be used. And therefore, to throw some light on the topic, we have curated this article which focuses on this most searched internet query: what is a VOB file extension and how to open it?

What is VOB file?

VOB file alludes to Video Object file which is in holder design in DVD-video media.

VOB files normally contain computerized documents like sound, video, captions and so on documents remembered for this document design have the .vob filename extension which commonly gets put away in the VIDEO_TS catalog present in the foundation of the DVD.

Maybe then video and sound records 3D models that contain vue protests additionally use .vob filename extensions.

vob file

The VOB file design depends on the MPEG program stream design however with the additional constraints and particulars.

The MPEG programs have specific actions as purported private streams for non-standard information.

We can say that all VOB files are MPEG program streams however not all MPEG program streams legitimize totally the meaning of VOB files.

Instructions to change over VOB file to MP4 file

Strategy 1:- Convert VOB to MP4 with video converter

Follow some straightforward strides to change over VOB document to MP4:

  1. Download and introduce WinX HD video converter luxurious on your PC.
  2. Run the downloaded video
  3. Tap on the video button
  4. Click on recordings and afterward select the document that is needed to import or you can essentially relocate the document to the sheet.
  5. Go to the objective organization area click the video and select MP4.
  6. Customize the yield envelope by tapping the BROWSE or codec choice.
  7. Click on RUN at the lower part of the right corner.
  8. Then the converter will naturally play out the undertaking for yourself and open the area where your MP4 records are put away in the document pioneer for you.
vob files

Strategy 2:- convert VOB file to MP4 on the web

  1. Go to media.io
  2. Click on add your documents button and the following second file traveler will spring up and select the VOB record in your PC to transfer.
  3. From the drop-down menu of a “convert to”: click on video>Mp4 and afterward on convert.
  4. Once the document is changed over you will see a good outcome on the screen then, at that point, click on Download All for downloading the MP4 file.
  5. Open the downloaded record which is an MP4 file.

Instructions to open VOB file in windows

Strategy 1:- Using VLC player

  1. Open the internet browser and go to video1an.org
  2. Click on the “Download VLC” button
  3. After downloading RUN the VLC installer
  4. Follow the means to introduce VLC.
  5. Start the VLC player
  6. Click on the “Media” button in windows or the “document” button in macintosh
  7. Select an open organizer in windows or open fike in macintosh
  8. Browse the organizer that contains your VOB records
  9. Open the chose envelope for playing the records.

Strategy 2:- By utilizing MPC-HC (Windows as it were)

  1. Check whether you are running a 32 cycle or 64-bit window.
  2. Reach out to the MPC-HC site
  3. Click on the connection of the installer as per your rendition of windows.
  4. Make your installer RUN and follow the means.
  5. Start MPC-HC in the wake of introducing it.
  6. Select a speedy open scrape starting from the drop menu of the document.
  7. Browse the organizer containing VOB records.
  8. Choose “VIDEO_TS .ifo” document and open it.

Strategy 3:- utilizing a plex media server

  1. Download makeMKV on your PC.
  2. RUN the MKV installer and follow the means.
  3. Start makeMKV on your PC.
  4. Tap on the open record button.
  5. Browse the envelope containing VOB documents.
  6. Choose the “VIDEO_TS.ifo” document and open it.
  7. Select the title of your desire.
  8. Start the method involved with remixing.
  9. Now add the MKV to the plex library.

Strategy 4:- Burning VOB to DVD

  1. Download ImgBurn.
  2. RUN the arrangement program and start ImgBurn.
  3. Select from the menu “compose records/envelopes to plate”.
  4. Click on the button “Peruse the envelope”
  5. Select your VIDEO_TS organizer and afterward tap on the workout button.
  6. Insert the suggested plate type.
  7. Click on the choices tab
  8. Choose “ISO9660 + UDF” from the document framework.
  9. Click on the names tab
  10. Enter a name in the “ISO9660” field and snap the duplicate button close to it.
  11. Click on the form button and play the copied DVD.

Instructions to open a VOB document in android

This cycle should be possible with the accompanying simple tasks:

  1. Firstly introduce the wonder share player from Google Play in the android gadget.
  2. After introducing the wonder share player open it tap on the neighborhood menu and afterward on the stuff symbol for opening settings.
  3. On the following page, search out the unraveling choice and afterward click on it.
  4. Then in the unraveling mode choice, you will track down the quantity of record arranges that are been upheld by the wonder share player
  5. At last search for the VOB record configuration and snap on it and afterward select the auto and that is it?
  6. Now your android gadget is prepared to open the VOB design documents.


It is a no-brainer that in the year 2023, no one uses DVDs to watch movies or other media. But for the ones who still love these oldies and have a PC unit, you can simply follow the guide and start running them in just a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of a VOB file?

The main purpose of a VOB file is to provide a standardized way of storing and distributing high-quality video & audio content through DVDs.

Can I open VOB files without a DVD player?

No, you cannot open VOB files without a DVD player because this file format is specially designed keeping the DVD players in mind, and not the others.

What type of information is stored in a VOB file?

VOB file stores a different types of information like;

  • Digital Video.
  • Digital Audio.
  • Subtitles.
  • Navigation data (including menus and chapter markers).
  • Copyright protection.

These different types of information are necessary to play a DVD on a DVD player.

Can VOB files be played on a computer without a DVD drive?

Yes, VOB files can be easily played on a computer without a DVD drive. However, you will need to use additional software like VLC media player as these types of software have built-in codecs that support such file formats.

How can I convert a VOB file to a different video format?

If you want to convert a VOB file to a different video format then all you need to do is use different converter tools like; WinX DVD Ripper, Handbrake, or Any Video Converter.

What is the maximum size of a VOB file?

There is no specific file limit to a VOB file, as it totally depends upon the DVD specification and the DVD-Video disc format. However, according to the limit set by ISO 9660, the maximum size of a VOB file is 1 GB.

Can VOB files contain multiple audio tracks or subtitle streams?

Yes, VOB files can contain multiple audio tracks and subtitle streams, thus making it a perfect fit to store high-quality video content that demands different languages and accessibility needs.

Is it possible to extract audio from a VOB file?

Yes, it is possible to extract audio from a VOB file using a video converter software that supports VOB file format and allows you to extract and save the audio as a separate file. 

Can VOB files be edited or modified directly?

No, VOB files cannot be edited or modified directly as they are part of a larger DVD structure.

However, if you still want to modify the content of a VOB file, then you will first need to extract the video and audio streams, edit them separately, and then re-author the DVD with the edited content.

Are VOB files compatible with all DVD players?

The VOB files are designed to be compatible with most DVD players, however, a few older and newer ones will not be able to play these files as they are not properly formatted, or are encrypted and protected by copyright.

Can VOB files be played on a TV?

Yes, VOB files can be played on a TV if and only if they have a built-in DVD player or have one attached externally.

However, most modern TVs do not have an in-built DVD player, so you will probably need to attach it externally.

Can VOB files be streamed online?

Video Object files are not meant for online streaming purposes as they are a DVD format and not optimized for online delivery.

So, if you want to stream any video online you can opt for file formats like; MP4, H.264, or WebM.

Is it possible to extract still images from a VOB file?

Yes, it is possible to extract still images from a VOB file by using a video extractor that allows you to save individual frames as still images in the JPEG and PNG format.

Can VOB files be played on mobile devices?

Generally, mobile devices do not natively support VOB files but you can play them if you want to by using a third-party media player like “VLC for mobile” that supports the file format.

Additionally, the mobile should also have required hardware and software capabilities.

Are there any security or copyright issues with VOB files?

Yes, there can be security or copyright issues with VOB files as they are media formats and are subject to piracy and unauthorized distribution, which can violate copyright laws and the rights of the content owners.