Open Torrent File & How to Open Torrent File

Torrenting has been a part of the internet era since 2001, and thanks to its peer-to-peer technique, sharing of files has become really easy. However, the process of searching and finding files over thousands of computers was not an easy task, and therefore, special files called “.Torrent” were created. But, what exactly is a torrent file? And how to open them?

Well, to get all your questions answered, we recommend you go through the entire article.

What is Torrent File?

Torrent File are the documents shared by utilizing BitTorrent Protocol. The BitTorrent convention, considered as the strategy for the distributed sharing of records over the Internet.

For the most part, the records get dispersed over the decentralized client organization and thusly downloaded from that point.

torrent files

Shared organizations comprise of certain inadequacies, out of which one of the significant ones was the difficulty of looking and discovering the file on various frameworks associated with the organization.

Later the issue emerges of upsetting the possibly immense heap of the transferring, and downloading affirm a few PCs and the organization associations.

So to beat such issues, an uncommon convention was made called Torrent.

The little Torrent files convey the information concerning various friends and the seeds you wish to download utilizing the Torrent convention.

Instructions to Open File

At whatever point you get any downloaded document, you might go over some unique record expansions. Each extension has an alternate technique to open them.

Underneath we have recorded a portion of the document extensions for the Torrent document and how to open these extensions.

  1. Zip Files
  2. EXE Files
  3. Video Files
  4. ISO Files
torrent file

Steps to Open File with Different Clients

On Windows


  • Firstly, download and afterward dispatch BitTorrent.
  • Then look and download the document, and afterward right-click on the record and open it with BitTorrent.
  • Click on the I Agree to choice to the spring up menu.
  • Save the Torrent record at the ideal area
  • View the Torrent record.


  • Firstly, Install the uTorrent application.
  • Then select the record with the right-click on it.
  • Click on the record, and move to the Open With choice, and afterward select uTorrent.


  • Click on the choice of “Open Torrents” on the super upper left corner of the Vuze.
  • You will get different choices on the rundown for adding deluges.
  • To open the Torrent document put away locally, click on the Add Files tab.
  • Then go to the put-away document, and select it and afterward click on the Open button.
  • To open the downpour connect from the Internet, download it first and afterward click on it.
how to open torrent file


  • Firstly, download and afterward dispatch the BitTorrent.
  • Then select the record and snap on the Open Torrent tab.
  • Now open the downpour document.
  • A spring up will emerge. Then, at that point, peruse and search the record you wish to open.
  • Click on the open button.


  • Firstly, download and afterward open the Torch program.
  • Then search the downpour document need to open and tap on it.
  • The deluge document will begin to play and afterward download behind the scenes.
  • In the all-around downloaded document, click on the record and afterward select the “Open With” choice and snap on the Torch, and your record will get opened.

On Mac


  • Firstly, download and afterward introduce the current.
  • Then select the deluge record that requirements to open.
  • After that, intuitive the record in the current window.
  • Right-click on the deluge record and afterward select the Torrent in the “Open With” choice.


  • Firstly, download and dispatch the Folx.
  • Then look for the Torrent document that is necessary to open.
  • After that, download the Torrent and snap on the document to open it.

3.Deluge BitTorrent

  • Firstly, download and afterward introduce the Deluge.
  • Right-click on the deluge document you wish to open.
  • Click in the “Open With.”
  • Select Deluge.
  • If you can not see the Deluge on the menu, then, at that point, select the Open With different applications.
  • Select the “Show Other applications.”
  • Click on the Deluge.


  • Firstly, download and afterward open BitLord.
  • Search for Torrent the document in the inquiry bar that you wish to download.
  • Tap the ENTER key.
  • From the menu, click on the deluge document you wish to download.
  • Then double tap on the record.
  • Select the Download button.
  • Then pick a spot to save the downpour record.

On Linux


  • Firstly, download and afterward introduce the Transmission.
  • Search the downpour record you wish to download and afterward click on it.
  • It prompts on the off chance that you wish to open with Transmission.
  • Check the case close to this consequently for documents from this point forward.
  • Then select the OK button.
  • You will then, at that point, see the principle window and Torrent choices window of Transmission.
  • With the Torrent Options window, you can add the Torrent to begin the download.


  • Firstly, download and introduce the Tixati.
  • Find out the deluge document you wish to download.
  • Then Launch Tixati.
  • Tap the “Add” button and afterward add the Torrent.
  • It will then, at that point, open the document, and the Tixati will then, at that point, interface with the companions to begin the download cycle.


  • Firstly, download and afterward introduce the KTorrent.
  • Search the downpour document you wish to download and afterward open it.
  • Double click on the record to open with KTorrent.
  • Select the Add to for physically adding the Torrent.

On Android

1.Flud Torrent Downloader

  • Firstly, download Flud
  • Search the record you wish to download.
  • After downloading the record, open the Flud application.
  • Then arrive at the super base right corner and afterward click on the Floating Action Button.
  • Then search where you have downloaded the necessary record.
  • Click on the record and afterward add it to Flud to begin the download.
  • Once the downpour record gets downloaded, then, at that point, you can open it.


  • Firstly, introduce the Tornado as your Firefox augmentation or download the application.
  • When you click on the magnet interface in Firefox, you will see the “add downpour discourse box.”
  • If not on Firefox, download the record you need to open, add a deluge document, and afterward select the downpour document.
  • Once you download the downpour document, you would now be able to tap on the record to open it.


Some torrent files divert you to the URLs while some are directly downloadable, and therefore, torrent files can be considered as a time saver when you do not want to get yourself involved in endless Google searches.

On that note, we end our discussion here which was primarily focused on, “What is a torrent file and how to open it.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a torrent file and a torrent client?

A torrent file is a small metadata file that carries information about larger files and how to download them, while the torrent client is a software program that executes the BitTorrent protocol to download and upload files.

Can I download torrent files on my phone?

Yes, you can definitely download torrent files on your phones with the help of the torrent clients that are available for mobile devices (both Android and iOS).

For instance, you can use these torrent clients; Flud, BitTorrent and uTorrent.

Is downloading torrent files illegal?

No, torrenting itself is not an illegal process. However, it is illegal to download copyrighted files through torrents in countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Therefore, it is advised that you research the source of content, before downloading the torrent file.

What will happen if I download copyrighted material through torrent?

If you ever happen to download copyrighted materials through torrents, then you may have to face legalities like temporary jail time along with financial penalties, as it falls under copyright infringement.

Can I download torrent files on my Mac?

Yes, you can download torrent files on your Mac by using several torrent clients for Mac. Some of the famous torrent clients for Mac are; BitTorrent, Transmission, and uTorrent.

How do I know if a torrent file is safe?

It is difficult to ensure that the torrent file you are downloading is safe because the nature of torrenting makes it difficult to trace the source of the content.

What steps can be taken to minimize risk when downloading torrents?

Following are the steps that can be taken to minimize the risks when downloading torrents:

  • Always check the comments.
  • Always use a reputable torrent website.
  • Always scan for viruses.
  • Be cautious when you download files from low seeders.
  • Stay away from copyrighted materials.

How long does it take to download a torrent file?

There is no fixed duration when it comes to downloading a torrent file as it depends on several factors like; tracker status, number of seeders, file size, bandwidth, and swarm size.

Can I download torrent files without seeders?

Yes, it is possible to download torrent files even without seeders given the fact that the downloading speed will be much slower. However, it is also possible it won’t get downloaded at all. So, in conclusion, it is a 50-50 situation.

What are seeders and leechers in torrenting?

Seeders are people who have already downloaded the torrent file on their PC and are now sharing it with others. While leechers on the other hand are the users who are downloading the file.

Can my ISP see that I am downloading torrent files?

Yes, your internet service provider can monitor your internet traffic and data that are being transmitted including torrent data. 

How do I make my torrent downloads faster?

If you want to make your torrent downloads faster, we recommend you follow these simple tips:

  • Find a torrent with more seeders.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Don’t clutter your download list with multiple torrents.
  • Forward your torrent client’s port.
  • Always use a VPN.
  • Crosscheck if your torrent client is configured correctly.

What happens if I download a torrent file that contains a virus?

If you happen to download a torrent file that contains a virus then you might be at a greater risk. For instance, your system can slow down or crash completely, or your data can be stolen or get corrupted.

Can I upload my own files using a torrent file?

Yes, you can upload your own files using a torrent file, and this process is known as “seeding” in the torrent community.

Is it possible to download a torrent file without a torrent client?

No, it is not possible to download a torrent file without a torrent client as it is a dedicated software that performs the managing and downloading of torrent files.