Open TMP File (How to open it?)

Has your computer been running slow lately? Yes? Well then, there might be a chance that your computer drive is filled with a lot of TMP files. Wait! Don’t know what a TMP file is? Then what are waiting for? Just go ahead and have a glance at this article that covers the topic: what is a TMP file and how to open it.

What is TMP File?

The TMP file extension is for the most part connected with the Temporary File/Folder. TMP files got erased after their motivation has served however now and then these files got held because of specific conditions. It is an interesting cycle to confirm that if you have erased the TMP file or not since certain applications might conceal the basic information inside a TMP file.

tmp file

Present-day working frameworks normally utilize a virtual memory framework, where if a program surpasses its assigned memory space utilization, it can furnish the application with part of the hard circle space as a substitute for memory.

Projects which utilize a lot of information, similar to video altering programming, may have to make numerous TMP files.

Programming that can Open and Convert TMP Files

1.     Temporary File/Folder

2.     AZZ Cardfile

3.     IMail Server

4.     Nero Audio

5.     Norton Antivirus Backed Up File

tmp files

Best Tools to Opening TMP File

1.    Microsoft Word:

The text handling system can likewise open TMP files that incorporate plain text by Microsoft. Microsoft Word itself makes the TMP files to store the altering status of the current archive.

2.    Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Word is intended for text reports, though Excel, just implied for any table information.

On the off chance that you feel that the file can conceal this kind of data, Microsoft Excel will give you the most obvious opportunity with regards to re-establishing the specific file.

3.    VLC Media Player:

As VLC Media Player upholds an exceptionally wide scope of information types, VLC Media Player has turned into the most famous answer for play my sound and video files.

The application likewise shows the pictures, which can open practically all TMP files that include advanced media content.

open tmp file

4.    Mozilla Firefox:

In particular, plain text and PDFs, yet the particular media content can likewise get re-established in this technique.

You can likewise continue the interfered with downloads got in the file design utilizing Mozilla Firefox and different programs.

Steps to Open TMP File

Regardless of whether the file extension makes that feeling that the files will open with a comparable instrument, then, at that point, the fact of the matter is marginally unique.

As their particular applications utilize the TMP files for different purposes, they likewise comprise different sorts of information, from plain text to pictures and recordings.

It implies that you can open the TMP files just with the comparative application where the TMP files were made or just with the program which upholds this file type.

1.     They were deciding the application which made the file.

2.     Right-click on the file.

3.     Open with the Menu

4.     Choose the relating application for the file.

how to open tmp file

Steps to Open TMP file with VLC Media Player

1.     Firstly, open VLC Media Player

2.     Then snap on the ‘Media’ and afterward select the menu choice ‘Open record’ tab.

3.     Nest advance is to set the choice ‘All Files’ and afterward indicate the TMP documents’ area.

4.     Click on the ‘Open’ button to recuperate the TMP document.

Steps to Restore TMP File

Re-establishing the TMP document measure is so easy, in windows PC you need to follow some extremely essential advances, and your work finished:

1.     Click “Start Menu Bar”

2.     Click the “Search” tab

3.      Type “Filename. tmp” in the hunt bar

4.     Hit the ENTER key, and your record got recuperated

Convert TMP Files to Microsoft Word

1.     Open the Internet Explorer window.

2.     Click the “Arrange” and afterward “Organizer”

3.     Click on the ‘View’ button.

4.     Close the Conceal extensions.

5.     Click on the OK box.

6.     Right-click on the file extension.

7.     Select the ‘Rename’ button.

8.     Select record name.

9.     Add the file extension.

10.   Open your File.


Temporary files also known as TMP files can be considered a blessing as it reduces the chances of data loss by storing temporary data of the program or the operating system whenever your PC or program experiences a sudden crash. 

And hence, knowing what is a TMP file and how to open it using different methods becomes a crucial part of the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does TMP stand for in a file name?

TMP stands for “Temporary” in a file name.

What happens to TMP files after they are created?

After the TMP files are created for a particular program or Operating System, they are stored inside the respective folders of the program and are automatically deleted whenever it is not needed (generally when the program is closed manually or the file is saved automatically).

However, in some cases, the files need to be manually deleted from the target folder.

Can TMP files contain valuable information?

Yes, TMP files can contain valuable information, so when the data of a program is not saved, it can result in permanent data loss.

The information can range from interrupted downloads, and unsaved files, to intermediate calculations.

Can TMP files be recovered?

Yes, in some cases the TMP files can be easily recovered. But, still, there are some factors to be considered while planning recovery, such as;

  • The type of operating system.
  • The software that created the file.
  • The conditions under which the file was deleted.

How to recover a TMP file?

If you want to recover a TMP file, then you can consider these methods;

  • Try checking the Recycle Bin or Trash folder.
  • Use data recovery software.
  • Check backups.

However, remember that the success of recovery solely depends on these three factors; the type of operating system, the software that created the file, and the condition in which it was deleted.

What is the difference between TMP and Temp files?

The TMP and Temp files, both provide temporary storage space for data while it is being processed.

The only difference between these two extensions is that TMP files are used in Unix-based operating systems such as Linux, while Temp files are used in the Windows operating systems.

Can TMP files cause problems on a computer?

Yes, in some cases TMP files can cause problems on a computer. The common problems caused by TMP files are; conflict with other programs, disk space issues, incomplete data, software crashes, and security concerns.

However, these small problems can be eradicated by regularly scanning and deleting these temporary files when not needed. 

Is it safe to delete TMP files?

Yes, it is safe to delete TMP files as they are created as a backup for the data that is being processed by the operating system or a program. 

Additionally, you may not need to initiate the deletion process manually as it is automatically initiated by the programs as soon as the original files are saved.

Can TMP files take up a lot of space on my hard drive?

Generally speaking, the TMP files are automatically deleted after the program is closed or the file is saved manually, which frees up space. 

However, in some cases the program fails to delete such files automatically, which when stacked up, occupies a large amount of space, thus causing performance issues.

How often are TMP files created?

The frequency of TMP files solely depends on your activities and the programs you open up on your computer.

Here are some common examples of the same;

  • While installing software updates or software.
  • While running software programs.
  • While browsing the web.
  • While performing system backups.
  • While saving a file in certain file formats.

Is it possible to prevent TMP files from being created?

No, it is impossible to prevent TMP files from getting created as they are an integral part of the program and operating systems, and prevent major data loss in uncertain circumstances.

However, you can easily minimize the TMP file creation process by; regularly running disk cleanup, using software that automatically eradicates TMP files, limiting the programs, and manually deleting the TMP files.

Can TMP files spread viruses or malware?

Yes, TMP files can be used to spread viruses or malware. But the occurrence is relatively rare because these files are created using trusted programs and operating systems.

What is the maximum size of a TMP file?

There is no fixed maximum size limit for a TMP file because it totally depends upon factors like; the operating system, the program and the amount of free disk space on your computer.

Can TMP files be compressed?

Yes, temporary files can be easily compressed using various compression tools such as WinRAR or WinZip.

Can TMP files be encrypted?

Yes, you can encrypt TMP files just like any other file format using different and trusted encryption tools like; BitLocker, VeraCrypt, or AxCrypt.