Open SVG File and How to open it

With everything moving online, it has become extremely important for online vendors to implement visual content on their websites to grab the attention of their users, and with SVG files they can achieve this particular target with utter ease. However, many of us are still not familiar with this particular file format and its functionality. And therefore, we have specially curated this article which primarily focuses on what is an SVG file and how to open it.

What is SVG File?

SVG file design use XML-based text file organization to clarify how the picture ought to show up. As the text will clarify the designs, an SVG file can scale to different sizes without losing its quality.

That is the motivation behind why site and print illustrations are regularly inherent SVG file design, so they ought to get resized to fit it in the various plans later on.

svg file

At the point when a file gets packed with the GZIP pressure, the file will wind up with the .SVGZ file extension and could hold from 50% to 80 percent more modest in size.

Records with the SVG file extension are not identified with the design’s design rather saved as the Game Files—games, for example, return to Castle and a lot other autosave the game documents in the SVG document design.

Various Methods to Open SVG file on mac

As we probably are aware, so many strategies are accessible there to open SVG files on Mac yet, every one of them may not function as the clients need to confront a few difficulties while seeing the SVG file on Mac.

To defeat these difficulties, we had tracked down an incredible instrument that licenses you to see the SVG file on Mac. What’s more, here we talk about SVG Viewer.

The product is liberated from cost and allows the client to see the record on Mac without any problem.

svg files

Steps to Open File on Mac

  1. Firstly, introduce SVG Viewer and afterward simplified the picture file in the drop region.
  2. SVG file will naturally get delivered for us to open it in a flash.
  3. Then download the SVG file in its unique file design.

Open SVG on Android

  1. Firstly, we need to make the right snap on the drawable.
  2. Then snap on the new button.
  3. After that, select a vector resource and snap on it.

It observes to be an exceptionally short and basic standard to open the SVG document. As such, the particular picture gets brought into the android studio project.

Then, at that point, you need more pictures, rehash a similar cycle.

open svg file

Open File on Windows

The number of uses accessible can undoubtedly open in any internet browser to open the SVG document in windows.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Third-party programs

Additionally, SVG documents can open in Adobe applications like Illustrator, Adobe Flash Player 17, Coreldraw Graphics Suite X7, Inkscape, CAD delicate instruments, and so forth, so there are a few different choices that you can choose any of them for your better insight to open the SVG file in Windows.

Open File In Photoshop

Before beginning the most common way of opening the record, you should know about everything you should open the document in your framework.

The framework should comprise Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Presently we will check out the means:

  1. Firstly, dispatch the Adobe Illustrator and afterward open the SVG document you wish to open in Photoshop.
  2. Then from the “document” menu choice, select the “Save As” order. And afterward, from the “Save As Type” menu, select the “Artist EPS” and afterward click on the “Save” button.
  3. Then in the EPS Options discourse box, click on the OK button. Try not to change any of the default settings.
  4. Then Launch Adobe Photoshop and afterward open the EPS document that got saved in the Adobe Illustrator. On playing out this activity “Rasterize Generic EPS Format” exchange box will open, and afterward click on the OK button.
convert svg file

Steps to Open svg File In Illustrator

To open the SVG record in artist, we can utilize the web-based change instrument to open the document in Adobe Illustrator. To do this, we ought to follow these means:

Upload SVG File

To transfer the SVG document select the record from the framework, URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, or intuitive strategy.

 Choose the “Simulated intelligence” choice.

To open the SVG record in artist, we will choose AI. Or then again as opposed to this, we can likewise utilize some other record design we feel is reasonable. Adobe Illustrator upholds 200 + record designs.

Download Adobe Illustrator

If it’s not too much trouble, sit tight for your SVG file to change over in the AI document arrange, and afterward download it. The interaction shows how we can open the SVG record in Adobe Illustrator.

Instructions to View the svg File

To see the SVG file, you can get Universal File Viewer. So download it on your framework and afterward introduce it to open or view the SVG document.

This product makes the method involved with opening and reviews the SVG file extremely speedy and simple.

How to Convert SVG File?

The two most famous picture designs end up being the least demanding to change over SVG files in either .JPG OR PNG. Changing over an SVG file with the assistance of any web-based device turns into the simplest and the fastest technique.

  • By utilizing these specific devices, you can change over the document in any record configuration. However, here, we will zero in on just the internet-based instrument that ought to be generally excellent to give you the necessary yield.
  • Another apparatus used to change over the SVG file is “” it licenses us to change over the document in some other different document designs like EPS, SK, .PDF, DFX, Adobe Illustrator, and so on to change over the SVG document into JPG or some other record organizes a few instruments are accessible there you can choose them of the decision that suits you and convert your document.


Understanding the SVG file format and getting hands on with it in every possible way can prove to be beneficial if you are serious about making your web content aesthetic. 

And, now that we have discussed about what is an SVG file and how to open it, we hope that you must have gotten a clear idea about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to spot an SVG file?

The first easiest way to spot an SVG file is to check on the extension part, i.e., it should be a .svg extension. You can also spot an SVG file by enlarging it to 200%, or higher.

If it retains its clean lines and solid colors, without getting blurry and pixelated, then it can be easily concluded that it is an SVG file.

What is the maximum size limit of an SVG file?

The maximum size limit of an SVG file depends upon the amount of data it contains. However, when compared to other file formats it is much lower.

Will complex graphics take up more space than simpler ones?

Yes, the complex graphics will take up more space than the simpler ones as they feature many paths and anchor points.

So, if you are aiming for a smaller SVG file, then it is recommended to minimize the number of complex instructions that are within your file.

Does SVG file support animation?

Yes, SVG files are not only limited to static images but support animation too.

The animation can include relatively basic elements, such as a slider function to help you move between slides in an infographic, or ticking hands on a clock face.

Is there any difference between SVG and PNG files?

Yes, there is a huge difference between SVG and PNG files. For instance, PNG files are raster-based, which means they will lose their quality when compressed or stretched.

While the SVG files are vector based, meaning no matter how much you compress or stretch them they won’t lose any resolution.

Moreover, SVG files support animation while PNG files don’t.

Are SVG files limited to the internet world?

No, the SVG files are not limited to the internet world as they can also be used to print logos and templates on t-shirts.

They don’t get distorted when they are resized or compressed unlike JPEG, which is a raster-based file and tends to lose details when stretched or compressed.

How is SVG different from other image formats?

The SVG files format is different from other image formats in several ways;

  • For instance, it is a vector-based image and will not lose its original quality even when compressed or stretched. 
  • They are smaller in size as the SVG images are based on mathematical equations.
  • The SVG files are easily editable and modified after creation, which is impossible with JPEG and PNG.
  • They can be interactive as it supports animation, unlike JPEG which is static.
  • Lastly, the SVG is resolution independent, which gives them the freedom to look sharp at any resolution.

What are the benefits of using SVG?

There are many benefits of using SVG file format, like; scalability, accessibility, editability, better compression, smaller file size, dynamic capabilities, and improved quality.

How do I create an SVG file?

There are three ways to create an SVG file;

  • Use vector graphic software.
  • Use your coding capabilities.
  • Use online tools.

What software can be used to create SVG images?

The tools that can be used to create SVG images are:

  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Affinity designer.
  • CorelDRAW.
  • Inkscape.
  • Sketch.

However, it is important to note that these are only some suggestions. For best results choose the software that fits your needs and budget.

What is the future of SVG in web design?

The future of SVG in web design is much brighter as the world wide web is constantly moving towards more dynamic, interactive and responsive designs.

Moreover, with the growing demand for high-resolution displays, it has become a necessity to provide sharp and clear graphics.

Can SVG be edited once it has been created?

Yes, SVG files can be easily edited even after it has been created. The reason behind this ease of editing is that the SVG files are made up of text or say codes which can be easily manipulated in future using text editor software.

Moreover, they can also be edited using Adobe illustrator or Inkscape.

Can SVG be used in email marketing?

Yes, the SVG file format can be used in email marketing. Although, there are some limitations to it. For instance, not all email clients support SVG format, so it is always recommended to get a backup image in the form of PNG or JPG.

Secondly, some email clients like Gmail do block images that are from untrusted sources. Therefore, it is recommended to host the images on a trusted domain and refer them using the correct URL in your email.

Can SVG be used in mobile app development?

Yes, SVG can be used in mobile app development (for both Android and iOS platforms).

There are different ways to implement SVG in mobile apps, including using it as a static or as a dynamic image, interactive element that can be resized and manipulated on the screen.