Open Rar file and how to open it

Are you wondering what a RAR file is after discovering it on your PC? Well, this file format may sound complex, but we guarantee you that it isn’t. Don’t believe us? Then we recommend you give this article a thorough read as it covers the topic “What is a RAR file and how to open rar File?

What is a RAR file?

RAR file means Roshal Archive Compressed file, it is a kind of compressed file or information box, that incorporates at least one different file and folders of it.

Ponder the RAR file as a customary envelope on your PC, where there are now numerous different files and folders within it for the getting sorted out the reason.

rar file

Most effective method to open a RAR file

Windows-based PCs cannot prepared – into open RAR files. If you twofold tap on the RAR file without having any particular programming introduced to open the document, you will likely see one of the accompanying messages.

This is the local configuration of WinRAR. The main issue while utilizing WinRAR is that it isn’t free. Before you run the program and get it if it’s not too much trouble, know that several free RAR openers can precisely do the same thing however at zero expense.

Among all the UnRARR instruments, 7-Zip is the best one.

  1. Going into basically no detail by any means, a .rar file is a great deal like a .compress file. It’s at least one folder all joined into one record – a RAR. Here’s how you open. RAR Files in Windows 10 so you can get to the substance inside.
  2. Unlike ZIP files, RAR files require programming that doesn’t come included with Windows itself. Luckily there’s a phenomenal, little, and free application that allows you to open.
  3. Double-click the 7-Zip installer document to introduce the application. Make a point to introduce it to the default area which is in Program Files.
  4. After you’ve introduced 7-Zip, double-tap the. RAR file you need to open.
  5. Select More applications from the menu that shows up.
  6. Now select Look for another application on this PC
  7. When the “Open With” discourse box shows up, double-tap your C: drive and afterward the Program Files envelope.
  8. Open the Z-Zip organizer.
  9. Select the document 7zFM.exe and afterward click Open
  10. 7-Zip will dispatch and open the. RAR file. Select the files in general/organizers and afterward click the Extract button.
  11. By default, the files and folders will be removed to a similar area the RAR document is in – click OK to start that cycle.
  12. Depending on the size and the number of records put away in the. RAR document, it might take any place from under one moment to a couple of moments to duplicate the entirety of that information.
open rar file

Method to change over a RAR file

Changing over the RAR document implies that the RAR file extension is to be changed in another distinctive file extension, by and large, 7Z, LGH, ZIP, TGZ, TAR, CAB, and so on Before we move excessively far during the time spent RAR transformation, we should initially explain something significant :

  • You can’t change over the RAR file to a Non-zipped design. 
  • Like you know, a RAR document is much like an folder that contains different files in the organizer.

Convert RAR to ZIP Files Using WinRAR

At times, you might require changing over your RAR files to ZIP design. There are a ton of outsider devices accessible to do the work, however, may not be free.

All things being equal, you can utilize WinRAR on Windows that assists you with changing over RAR files to ZIP files.

convert rar file

There are 2 different ways to change over RAR files to ZIP design. For both, you need WinRAR introduced on your PC.

Strategy 1 – Convert RAR Format to ZIP Using WinRAR

1: Click on the RAR file you need to change over and select Open with RAR from the setting menu.

2: Once the RAR file opens in the WinRAR application, click the Tools tab and afterward select proselyte files.

3: Now, the Convert files window will open, in that mark RAR in Archive Types area. Promptly, all the RAR files will be recorded in Archives to change over the box. You can click Add button assuming you need to add more RAR records.

4: Set default pressure choices window will open, here select tab General and afterward in the Archive design area select ZIP and snap OK.

5:Again click OK in the Convert chronicles window. This will start the changing over interaction and you can see the RAR documents extricating and making new ZIP file.

how to open rar file

Strategy 2: Convert RAR Files to ZIP by Decompressing

1: Right-click the RAR file you need to change over and select Extract Here from the setting menu.

2: Once the folder is removed, right-click it and pick Add to document.

3: In the window that opens click the General tab and select ZIP in the “Document design” segment and snap the OK button. You’ll currently have your RAR file changed over to ZIP design.


RAR files are a blessing to us – the computer users, who want to send huge files over the internet without giving up the original quality of the files. However, it can be a pretty messy task, if you do not have appropriate tools like WinRAR to extract such files.

On that note, this was our article on the subject: what is a RAR file and how to open it. Hopefully, you have found it useful. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I convert RAR files?

Yes, you can convert a RAR file into another archive format by using extractor tools like WinRAR or WinZip. This allows for flexibility for different users.

Can I open RAR files on mobile?

Yes, you can definitely open up RAR files on mobile using tools like WinZip for Android and iOS. With the help of this tool, you can convert one or more than one RAR file to the supported Zip files.

There are a few other options too like; ZArchiver, iZip, RAR, and 7Zipper.

Can I Split RAR files?

Yes, you can split RAR files into smaller parts by using RAR archiving software. Now, splitting the RAR files can be super beneficial when you want to transfer or upload a big file over the internet as it increases speed and reduces the chances of failure.

Are RAR files safe?

Generally, RAR files are safe to use, however like other file formats it is susceptible to malware and viruses.

So, it is better to download a RAR file from a trusted source, keep trusted antivirus software on your devices, use a strong password to protect the RAR files and always keep your device’s operating system updated.

What software can open RAR files on Windows PC?

If you are looking forward to opening up RAR files on your Windows PC, then you can use the following softwares;

  • WinRAR.
  • 7-Zip.
  • Unarchiver.
  • B1 Free Archiver.
  • PeaZip.
  • BandiZip.
  • WinZip.

Can I extract a RAR file on a Mac?

Yes, you can extract a RAR file on a Mac by using file extractor tools like; Keka, The Unarchiver, and Stuffit Expander. After you have chosen your favorite extractor tool, then you can follow these instructions:

  • Download the file archiving software on your Mac.
  • Then, locate the RAR file that you want to extract.
  • Next, right-click on the file and select “Open with” followed by the file archiving software.
  • Now, the archiving software will open up and display the contents of the RAR file.
  • Select the files and choose a destination folder where you want to save them.
  • Lastly, click on the “Extract” or “Unpack” buttons to extract the contents of the RAR file.

However, it should be noted that the steps may vary from software to software. So, it is advised to cross-check the instructions beforehand.

What is the difference between a RAR file and a ZIP file?

The RAR and ZIP files, both are archive formats used to store one or more than one file in a compressed form. However, there is one major difference between both of them.

The RAR files generally offer a higher compression ratio and better error recovery, although it requires dedicated third-party software to open up on some platforms.

Whereas, ZIP files are widely supported by most operating systems, thus making them a popular choice to create archives.

What is the maximum size of a RAR file?

There is no fixed maximum size of a RAR file because it totally depends on the version of the RAR software, operating system, and the file system of the storage device.

However, on modern computers, the maximum file size of an NTFS file is extremely large and should not be a part of the concern for most users.

Can RAR files be password protected?

Yes, RAR files can be password protected. This means that you can store sensitive data inside the RAR files without fearing theft.

However, it is still advised to implement a strong password (mostly containing a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters), so that no one can crack it easily.

How do I add files to an existing RAR file?

If you want to add files to an existing RAR file then you can just follow the steps that are mentioned below;

  • Open WinRAR or 7-Zip on your PC.
  • Now, navigate to the folder where the RAR file is located followed by double-clicking on the RAR file to open it in the software.
  • You will now see all contents of the files.
  • Next, drag and drop the files from the location to add the files. Or else click on the “Add” button.
  • Now, click on “OK” once you have included the files. This will initiate the addition process.
  • Lastly, after the completion of the process, just close the app and access the new updated files from the location.

Can RAR files be repaired if they are corrupted?

Yes, when a RAR file is corrupted it can be easily repaired using RAR software, such as WinRAR and 7-Zip.

This restoration feature is called “Repair” or “Restore“, which tries to fix any problems in the file that are preventing it from extracting or opening properly. 

What is the compression ratio of RAR files?

The compression ratio of most RAR files depends upon the type of files that are being compressed and the compression settings.

However, RAR files are known for their higher compression ratio, which means that they can significantly reduce the file size, without lowering the quality of the content.