Open EPS File and How to Open it

What is an EPS file?

An EPS file is a designs document saved in the Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) document design. It might contain 2D vector designs, bitmap pictures, and text. EPS files likewise incorporate an installed see the picture in bitmap design.

As we have referenced above, EPS is the short type of Encapsulated PostScript. Adobe made this standard illustrations file design back in 1992 to put drawings and pictures inside a PostScript archive. To put it plainly, it is a postscript program that is saved as one document.

eps file

These low-goal sneak peeks make it open with programs that can not alter the content inside. Distributers utilize this record generally because it is viable across the distinctive Operating Systems.

How to Open EPS File In Windows

Independent visual depiction programming can assist you with opening the .eps file in Windows 10. You can’t open this extraordinary configuration just in your OS.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is quite possibly the most utilized graphic altering stage everywhere. You can utilize it to open and alter the documents in Windows 10. Be that as it may, to utilize it you should get it.

Steps to utilize Photoshop for Opening EPS file:

  • Launch Photoshop.
  • From the document menu, select Open.
  • Select the document you need to open.

Or on the other hand, perfectly click on the document you need to open, and in the Open-With choice, select Photoshop.

open eps file

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the free form of Acrobat that you can use to open an EPS record. In any case, it just accompanies a couple of capacities from numerous that Acrobat offers. This proves to be useful assuming you need to simplify explanations in your PDF records or view and print them.

Steps to utilize Reader to open EPS File:

  • Go to the File menu.
  • Select make PDF.
  • Then move to the Options.
  • Browse the area of the document.
  • Select the document and snap Open.

Corel Draw 2020

Created by Corel, Coreldraw is one more vector artist apparatus that you can use to open EPS records in Windows 10. It is additionally an ideal work environment where you can control this realistic document as per your need.

Steps to utilize Coreldraw for Opening EPS File:

Opening an EPS document in Coreldraw 2020 is like the ones above.

  • Launch the application.
  • Go to File and choose Open.
  • Go to the document you need to open.
  • Select the document.
  • Edit and save the document.
how to open eps file

PSP (PaintShop Pro 2020)

PaintShop Pro accompanies many elements alongside the opening. EPS records and altering computerized photographs and progressed pictures. You can get it straightforwardly from Corel.

Steps to utilize PaintShop Pro for Opening EPS document:

  • Find the document you need to open.
  • Right-click on the document.
  • Move to Open With a choice.
  • Select PaintShop Pro.

Your document will be opened in PaintShop Pro for altering and saving. Or on the other hand, you can likewise dispatch the application, from the File choice select Open. Presently, explore the document you need to open. Also, you are finished. Sufficiently simple.


This is a similarly new work area distributing programming with an extensive client base. It was made principally for making and planning magazines, flyers, papers, indexes, and comparable distributions. In any case, it can likewise be utilized to open EPS records in Windows 10.

Steps to utilize QuarkXPress for Opening EPS file:

The interaction is the same as any of the ones referenced previously. You can either right tap on the record you need to open and choose QuarkXPress in the Open With segment. Furthermore, the document will open in the application. Or then again, you can open the application and from the Files choice, select Open, and search the document you need to open. When you click the file, it will open in QuarkXPress.

how to download eps file

Uses of EPS Viewer

Assuming you need a straightforward, straightforward method of reviewing EPS records, EPS watcher is a decent choice. It is a straightforward working application with the sole reason to see the EPS record. You can download the EPS viewer here.

Instructions to Open EPS File With EPS Viewer:

  • Install EPS Viewer.
  • Find the document you need to open.
  • Right-click on the document and select EPS Viewer in Open With a choice.
  • Check the case with choice always utilizes this application to open .eps documents.

Besides opening and saving the document, you can likewise resize it, zoom in, or zoom out of the record alongside turning it left or right. While saving the record, you can change over it and save it into an alternate configuration.

Utilizing EPS File In MS Word

You can embed an EPS file in an MS Word document effectively utilizing the accompanying advances:

  • Go to the Insert menu in the MS Word report.
  • Select Pictures.
  • Go to the file choice region and change All Graphics Files to All Files.
  • Word will change over the EPS record and afterward embed it into the Word document.

You would then be able to edit or resize them, But if the file is a basic text document, all you will see is a clear box in the word report.

Changing over An EPS File

There are some free document converters like Zamzar that you can use to handily change over an EPS record. It runs in your program and can change over an EPS record into PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, alongside different configurations.


To change over an EPS document into another arrangement, simply select the record, pick the organization, and hit convert now, you will be finished. After the transformation, you can download the record. You can change over up to 150 MB for nothing.


This is one of the free record converters accessible web-based where you don’t need to pay a dime for anything. You don’t need to introduce it on your PC yet you can introduce it as an expansion in your program.