Open EML File and how to Open it

What is EML File?

EML file design created by Microsoft for Outlook and Outlook Express. An EML file, a documented email that saves the first HTML designing and the headers.

eml file

EML files are the chronicled files produced by the email customers like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Outlook, and EML files comprise of email messages, metadata, properties, connections, and so forth; when you discover or get any EML files from any of the sources and can’t help thinking about what sort of content gets included inside the file, it becomes crucial for realize a few stunts to open the EML files in Windows.

Projects Used to Open EML Files

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • File Viewer Plus
  • IBM Notes/Domino Email Client
  • MBOX Supported Email Client
  • Outlook Express Email Client
  • Microsoft Outlook Email Client
  • Windows Mail Email Client

Opening EML Files in Windows

View EML File as Plain Text

Referenced as the least difficult technique to open the FILE, however, it is confined to show just the document’s body content and not the leftover arranging inside the message; all things considered, it shows the unusual characters in their place. Steps depicted for this technique are:

open eml file
  • Firstly, go to the EML file and afterward right-click on the document and select the choice of “Open With.” Then select the Notepad choice from the opened menu.
  • It would then open your EML file in the Notepad application in some particular coding structure.
  • Then, discover the body content of the email message inside the <body> and <html> labels. The connections can likewise be reordered in the internet browser to review its included substance.

By Using Email Client

The given technique includes utilizing any email customer stage accessible in windows to open the EML files. Allow us to check out the means to execute this:

  • Firstly, connect with the folder area on the framework having EML documents. Select the EML FILE and afterward right-click on it, then, at that point, select the choice of “Open With” and afterward pick the Mail, Windows Live Mail, or any email customer of your decision from the given choices.
  • Your EML FILE will open quickly, showing the total message subtleties and the design.
  • Users would then be able to see everything inserted in the EML FILE and afterward download the email customer stage’s connections.
how to open eml file

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Open EML File with Professional Utility

The above manual necessities either an Email Client Applications or the augmentation change during the utilization of an expert utility like Email Viewer. Allow us currently to become more acquainted with the methodology followed by this product:

  • Firstly, start the EML Viewer program previously introduced on the framework.
  • Then add the ideal number of EML records from the framework situated in the given choice.
  • Then each EML record will get recorded underneath, and by choosing the ideal document, you can see the full see alongside the Metadata properties and the additional connections. Furthermore, click on the connections to see the total substance of the document.
  • Now you can likewise save the rundown of EML records to the HTML document design whenever required.

In the Web Browser (Changed Extension)

  • Firstly, go to the EML files area, select each document, right-click on the document, and afterward select the Rename choice.
  • Now eliminate the EML file extension from the filename and afterward supplant it with the.HTML File extension.
  • A spring up emerges requesting the record expansion change. Affirm it for your activity.
  • After the file extension got changes, attempt to open the changed MHTML record with the Internet Explorer internet browser.
  • Now you can see the EML file content in the given MHTML document.
convert eml file

Various strategies to Open EML File

On Windows

Open record via the post office customer

  • On opening the EML record in the email customer, you would then be able to download any connections remembered for the document. Likewise, you can see the specific arranging and pictures.
  • If you dint have an email customer or are incapable to open the EML documents, then, at that point, read on.

Change the file extension to see in the program.

  • Firstly, empower file extensions if they got covered up. In Windows 8, you would then be able to look at the “Document name expansions” enclose the view button of any Explorer window.
  • Right-click on the EML document and afterward select Rename.
  • Then erase the EML file extension and supplant the augmentation with the .aae. Windows will then, at that point, caution you that this progression could cause issues with your document. You click on the affirm button to change the file extension.
  • Then open the document in Explorer. Right-click on the document and afterward select the choice of “Open With” and pick the Internet Explorer from the menu. This specific activity would open the MHT document likewise to the EML record design.

Download the File Viewer EML

  • Firstly, peruse the organizer that incorporates EML records.
  • Double click on the organizer. If it’s not too much trouble, select any one EML record of your decision to see them.
  • Also, you can see any of the related connections of the email.
download eml file

View document as the plain text

  • Right-click the EML file and afterward select the open with a choice
  • Then select Notepad
  • Find the labels <html> and <body>.
  • Then find

On Android

Download Letter Opener program

  • Android doesn’t uphold Letter Opener programs. In this way, look for the EML peruser in the Google Play Store.

Open EML file

  • If you had gotten an EML record as connections, open it in your Gmail and afterward click on the EML connection.
  • If you have downloaded the record from any site, then, at that point, utilize a File supervisor to open the document.

Select the Letter Opener from the rundown of projects

  • At the point when you open the EML file, you will then, at that point, be provoked to choose an application. Letter Opener ought to show up in the menu. Snap-on the “Consistently” button to relate the EML documents with the new application.

Read through the EML file.

  • Presently the letter opener will show the EML document as an email message containing From, To, Date, Subject, and the message’s body.


  • Click on the connection to open, and afterward click on the application and read the document type.
  • Click on the Save symbol to remove the record from the EML file and afterward place it in the download envelope.


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