Open DWG File and How to open it

Have you kickstarted your designing career with Autodesk’s AutoCAD? If yes, then you must have surely noticed that each drawing that you save, is saved in the DWG file format, which brings us to our main question: what is a DWG file and how to open DWG file? 

Well, if you are not sure what exactly it is and how one can make the most of it, then yes this article is for you.

What is DWG File?

DWG file get removed from the “Drawing.” DWG files are an inherent twofold organization, which incorporates 2D and 3D plan information. DWG file designs are PC Aided Design, regularly known as CAD.

The drawings incorporate the vector picture information alongside the metadata written in the double code.

dwg file

Numerous CAD programs, basically AutoCAD, utilize the program as the local file design.

These days DWG document design is broadly utilized by fashioners, modelers, and specialists for different planning purposes.

How to Open DWG File?

Using Auto CAD to view dwg file

  • Open AutoCAD 360 Application:

AutoCAD application is the business restrictive business drafting application from Autodesk. AutoCAD 360 application has a symbol that takes after the red A. click on the symbol to open the AutoCAD application.

  • Click on the Application Menu:

The application menu symbol is red A, arranged in the upper left corner.

open dwg file
  • Click on the Open button:

Instead of this, click on the symbol which looks like the Folder at the highest point of the AutoCAD programming arranged close to the Application folder. You would now be able to tap on the “Open File” tab under the Start button when you open the AutoCAD application.

  • Select the Folder that has DWG File

Initially, utilize the drop-down list arranged at the top to choose the Folder to examine it. On the off chance that the Folder doesn’t list there, click on the symbol, which takes after an organizer having the in addition to signing. And afterward, search the Folder that incorporates the DWG file and select it.

  • Select DWG File

Snap-on the DWG file you wish to open and afterward select it.

  • Click on the Open button

Instead of this activity, you can likewise tap on the drop-down list arranged close to the “Open” button. It will give you the choice to open the DWG record as a Read-just document, or you can choose the “Fractional Open” tab that grants you to choose the layers you need to open.

how to open dwg file

Using A360 Viewer

  • Browse the authority connection of A360 Viewer in Browser:

A360 Viewer, a free internet-based instrument from AutoDesk. It allows the client to see any DWG record without introducing the product or the program modules.

  • Click on the “Sign In” button:

It got put in the super upper right corner. If you as of now have the AutoDesk account, click on the Sign In button. On the off chance that you don’t have a record prior, click on the “Pursue Free” button.

  • “Sign In” or “Join” for the Account:

On the off chance that you as of now have the AutoDesk account, utilize the email address and the secret key to sign in to your file. If you don’t have a record, top the structure to close down for a free record.

  • Click on the “Transfer New File” tab:

it is the blue button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Drag and drop the DWG File into the Window on the page of A360 Viewer:

The web-based apparatus consequently gets open and afterward shows the DWG file in the Viewer.

convert dwg file

Using Microsoft Visio

  • Firstly, dispatch Microsoft Visio:

Microsoft Visio is a Microsoft chart drawing application. It has the blue symbol with the image V representing it. Snap-on the symbol to open the Microsoft Visio application.

  • Click on the File button:

Record button, arranged in the menu bar at the highest point of the screen.

  • Click on the “Open” tab:

Open button, arranged in the File menu.

  • Select AutoCAD Drawing:

You would then be able to choose the choice of AutoCAD Drawing by utilizing the drop-down menu situated close to the “Records of Type.”

  • Browse the DWG File you need to Open:

You can utilize the recorded program to look through the area of the DWG document on the PC and snap on it to choose the record.

  • Click on the “Open” button:

Microsoft Visio will open and show the substance of the DWG document.

Using Adobe Illustrator:

  • Firstly, open Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator presents the vector designs altering program. It got represented with the yellow symbol which says “Artificial intelligence.” Click on the symbol to open the application.

  • Click on the File:

Snap on the document that is necessary to get open.

  • Click on the Open button:

The open button, arranged in the File menu.

  • Browse the DWG file you wish to open:

First and foremost, utilize the recorded program to peruse the DWG document you need to open on your PC.

  • Select the “AutoCAD Drawing” as File Type:

Utilize the drop-down list set close to the “Records of Type” button to choose the “AutoCAD Drawing.”

  • Click on the file you wish to open:

This specific order chooses the record.

  • Click on the Open button:

It opens up the DWG record in Adobe Illustrator.


1. firstly, attempt to open the DWG file utilizing a more up-to-date form of AutoCAD. if you get the error “Drawing record isn’t legitimate.”

2.Quit any of the outsider applications running inside the AutoCAD if you can’t open the DWG files.

3.Then check the DWG file began from the AutoCAD if the document neglects to open.


People who are involved in architecture, engineering, or any kind of job that requires them to create a product’s blueprint in 2D or 3D beforehand, use Autodesk’s AutoCAD programme, which again stores all of the design data in DWG format. 

Hence, it is advisable to first understand what the format is all about and then open it using different tools.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the full form of DWG?

The full form of DWG is Drawing.

Is DWG an open-source file?

No, DWG is not an open-source file as it belongs to AutoDesk. So, it is advised to use this file format with permission from AutoDesk.

Is DWG a 3D format?

No, DWG is both 2D and 3D. However, in the early days, it was only 2D because of the restrictions with old computers.

But as the technology has improved, the DWG format became more capable of handling 3D graphics, which is now a standard of the file format.

What is metadata in a DWG file?

The metadata in a DWG file represents the instructions and information that helps the software as well as the user to find out more about the usability of the file format.

This also applies to the other metatags and the relationship between 2D and 3D versions.

Can I view the DWG file on my mobile?

Yes, you can easily view the DWG files on your mobile devices. Many mobile apps allow you to open DWG files, thus enabling the user to edit and share the file while on the go.

What software can open a DWG file?

If you are looking forward to opening up a DWG file, then you can use these softwares without giving them a second thought.

  • AutoDesk’s AutoCAD.
  • AutoDesk Viewer.
  • LibreCAD.
  • BricsCAD.
  • DraftSight.
  • SketchUp.
  • SolidWorks.

Can a DWG file be edited?

Yes, a DWG file that is not password protected or set to read-only by its creators can be easily edited using AutoCAD or other DWG-supported softwares.

What is the difference between a DWG file and a DXF file?

The DWG and DXF file both are used to store CAD drawings. But there is one major difference between them.

The DWG files are natively used by the AutoCAD software, while the DXF files are intended for interoperability between various CAD software.

Can a DWG file be converted to a PDF file?

Yes, a DWG file can be converted to a PDF file format as it can be useful for sharing drawings with other users who don’t have access to the CAD software.

You can use online file converter tools or dedicated DWG to PDF converter tools like Able2Extract to accomplish this task.

However, it is important to note that some editable CAD-specific information may be lost or flattened after the conversion process.

How can I reduce the size of a DWG file?

If your DWG files contain complex drawings or models then the size of the file may get large. However, you can easily reduce the size by using these methods.

  • Purge the new elements.
  • Use file compression tools.
  • Use external references.
  • Reduce the number of layers.
  • Save as a newer version.
  • Simplify geometry.
  • Use object compression.

How can I protect a DWG file from being edited or copied?

You can protect a DWG file from being edited or copied in these ways;

  • Password-protect the file.
  • Implement read-only mode on the DWG file.
  • Use third-party tools.
  • Convert the file to PDF.
  • Use Digital Rights Management programs.

Can a DWG file be opened on a Mac?

Yes, a DWG file can be opened up on Mac, but it may demand some additional software like; AutoCAD for Mac, AutoDesk Viewer, LibreCAD, or DraftSight.

You can also use online converter tools as well as third-party plugins such as Adobe Illustrator.

How can I recover a corrupted DWG file?

If your DWG file has been corrupted by chance then you can easily recover them by following these solutions;

  • Try opening up the file with another software.
  • Try using AutoCAD’s built-in “Recover” command.
  • Try using third-party recovery tools like; Stellar Data Recovery, DWG Repair Toolbox, or DataNumen DWG recovery.
  • Try using the backup file.
  • Try opening the file on another computer.

What is the maximum size of a DWG file?

Generally, there is no specific size limit to a DWG file as it totally depends on the complexity and detail of the drawing. 

What is the difference between a DWG file and an STL file?

Both DWG and STL files are different from each other. For instance, DWG is a file format that is used to store 2D and 3D design data for AutoCAD, while STL file format is used for 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

Can a DWG file be used in a virtual reality application?

Yes, a DWG file can be used in a virtual reality application but only after the conversion process. 

Can a DWG file be imported into 3D printing software?

Yes, it is possible to import a DWG file into 3D printing software. However, firstly you will need to convert any existing 2D drawing to 3D.