Open Doc file and How to open it

What is a Doc file and how to open it? Now, if you are a regular word user, then you must have surely encountered this query in many places and the main reason behind it is the change of word extension.

Yes, Microsoft which used to serve this specific file extension for its word processor tool – Microsoft Word, decided to replace it with the other file extension called Docx. Which in turn made people’s heads turn to this query. 

So, to clear out this confusion we have specially curated this article.

What is a doc File?

Doc file extension is created by Microsoft and is written in the paired configuration, these are the text files.

A DOC file is a text archive that is made by Microsoft Word or another prom that is word handling, like OpenOffice essayist or the Apple pages.

These might contain the designed text, tables, pictures, diagrams, graphs, page arranging, and print settings.

doc file

These DOC files are utilized for making an assortment of archives including letters, resumes, articles, and solicitations.

At whatever point you make a file in the word you can choose to save that archive in the DOC document design.

The program then, at that point, makes an archive record to save the substance of the report, which can be shut and opened again for additional utilization.

How to open DOC files with CorelDRAW?

  1. Firstly, Launch CorelDRAW on the PC
  2. Select the choice File > Open
  3. Find the recorded document that you need to open
  4. Choose the document
  5. Edit and save your document
open doc file

Open DOC files on Windows

  1. Windows 10
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 7

Programming that Open Files

  1. Free File Viewer
  2. Doxillion
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Word Perfect
how to open doc file

Instructions to open a DOC file

Microsoft Word is the essential program that is utilized for opening and altering the DOC files, yet it isn’t allowed to utilize except if you are on the MS Office free preliminary premise.

Notwithstanding, there are additionally the free options of Microsoft Office present in the market that incorporates the help for the DOC documents, similar to LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice Writer.

doc file converter

If any word processor isn’t introduced in your PC, and you would prefer not to add it likewise, then, at that point, Google Docs is a decent option in contrast to MS Word that allows you to transfer DOC records to your Google Drive record to see, alter, and share the document through your internet browser.

It is a lot quicker approach on this course as opposed to introducing any word processor application, moreover, there are added benefits that you can peruse in this audit of Google Docs.

  1. Snap the “Start” button in the PC’s assignment bar and select the “Run” choice. Type “Wordpad” in the space gave and click the “Alright” button to dispatch WordPad.
  2. Snap the “Document” menu and select the “Open” choice.
  3. Snap the bolt to one side of the “Records of type” heading and select the “Word for Windows” choice starting from the drop menu.
  4. Find the .doc file you need to open on the PC’s hard drive, feature it and snap the “Open” button to open the archive in the WordPad program.

Instructions to change over a DOC File

Any great word processor that supports opening a DOC file can save the document to an alternate report design.

All the previously mentioned programming Kingsoft author, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and so forth, can save the DOC file in an alternate organization.

In case you are searching for an uncommon transformation like DOC to DOCX, remembering what we clarified above with regards to these MS Office choices.

One more choice to change over a DOC file to the DOCX design is to utilize a committed report converter.

The primary model is the Zamzar site simply transfer the DOC file on the site for giving them a few choices to change over it.


Doc files were a charm to Microsoft Word before it was replaced by DOCX. However, you can still open up this particular file extension on your Windows or Mac PC by following the workarounds that are mentioned above in the article.

And with that said, hereby we would like to end our discussion on the topic “What is a Doc file and how to open it.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What software can open a DOC file?

Doc files are mainly connected with Microsoft Word, so, if you have Microsoft Word installed on your PC, then the opening task should not be a problem. 

However, apart from Microsoft Word, you can also use these softwares to open the Doc file.

  • CorelDRAW.
  • Apple Pages.
  • Apache OpenOffice Writer.
  • Google Docs.
  • WPS Office Writer.
  • LibreOffice Writer.

What is the difference between a DOC file and a DOCX file?

DOC and DOCX both file formats belong to the famous word processor tool, Microsoft Word. However, there is a slight difference between them. A DOC file is an older Word extension that stores data in binary format (0’s and 1’s). Whereas, the DOCX file is the new file extension that stores data in a compressed Zip file that contains multiple XML files.

Can I edit a DOC file on my mobile device?

Yes, you can easily create and edit a DOC file on your mobile device using different word processor apps for mobile.

For instance, if you are an Android user, then you can install apps like Microsoft Word, WPS Office, or Google Docs.

But, if you are an iPhone user, then you can conveniently use; Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.

Is editing and creating a DOC file the same on both mobile and PC?

No, editing and creating a DOC file is not the same on mobile devices, due to the limited screen size and features, when compared to the PC app.

However, these apps can be convenient if you are aiming to edit or create doc files on the go.

Can I convert a DOC file to a PDF?

Yes, you can definitely convert a DOC file to a PDF file using Microsoft Word, Google Docs or other third-party apps.

Moreover, you can also use various online file converter services to accomplish this task.

What is the maximum file size for a DOC file?

The maximum file size limit for a DOC file depends upon various factors, such as the version of Microsoft Word, the available storage space, and the operating system that you are running. 

However, in general, the maximum file size limit on Windows for Microsoft Word 2013, 2016 and 2019 is 32 MB. While on Mac it is 1 GB.

Can I password-protect a DOC file?

Yes, you can password-protect your DOC file using Microsoft Word or various third-party apps.

If you are looking forward to implement the password on your Doc file using Microsoft Word, then we suggest you follow these steps.

  • Open the Doc file in Microsoft Word.
  • Now, click on the “File” menu.
  • Then, click on “Info.”
  • Next, click on “Protect Document.”
  • Afterwards, select “Encrypt with password.”
  • Now, enter a strong password and then click on “OK.”
  • Re-enter the password for confirmation.
  • Lastly, save the document.

Can I use Microsoft Word Online to create and edit DOC files?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Word Online to create and edit DOC files on the go. Microsoft Word Online is basically a web version of Microsoft Word that allows you to access many basic features from the web browser itself.

However, remember that you will need a stable internet connection to use Microsoft Word Online. Plus, everything that you save will be a part of OneDrive.

Can I add images to a DOC file?

Yes, you can add images to a DOC file using Microsoft Word or other word processor tools.

Although, keep in mind that if you use larger images it will increase the file size of your Doc file, resulting in more difficulty while working.

Can I insert tables in a DOC file?

Yes, you can insert a table in a Doc file using Microsoft Word or any other word processor tool.

You can also customize the look of the tables by changing the borders, shading, table design, and other formatting options.

However, remember that if you add a large or complex table to your DOC file, it will increase the file size and make it more difficult to work with.

Can I add hyperlinks to a DOC file?

Yes, you can add hyperlinks to a DOC file using Microsoft Word or other word processor tools like Google Docs.

However, keep in mind some email services may eliminate the hyperlink from the document for security reasons.

So, we suggest you include the correct and full web address or URL with the hyperlink.

Can I save a DOC file as a different file type?

Yes, you can save a DOC file as a different file type using word processor tools like Microsoft Word. You can easily convert DOC files to PDF, ODT, HTML, RTF, and TXT.

Can I recover a deleted DOC file?

Yes, you can but it totally depends on; how the file was deleted, whether it was emptied in the recycle bin, and its storage location.