Bin File Extension: How to open it?

Have you downloaded a file, maybe a game or application which is in the old Bin file format? If yes, then you might have surely questioned yourself about how to open a Bin file format on your new PC. 

Well, if so, then you are just about to receive a step-by-step tutorial for the same in this article. But first, let’s understand what a bin file is.

What is BIN File?

The BIN file represents Binary Files. The Bin file design is planned in the manner to store the data in a paired configuration. Paired designing is viable with the circle stockpiling and it allows the media files to save and sit on the actual plate.

bin file

Utilizing circle to store anyway progressively exceptional and the document design doesn’t mean the cutting edge advanced capacity designs with the control to remove the data and afterward relocate it into an arrangement which you can undoubtedly use by Android gadgets alongside other pertinent computerized related file designs.

The majority of the BIN files get ensured and won’t change over, in any case. Convert the media from copyright DVD or CD. For Example, it will not work without getting through the layer of safety insurance.

Strategies to Open BIN Files

If you had downloaded any old picture record of some neglected game or any application, you should be made a fuss over how to open the document on your framework.

Canister file design is a more established document type that incorporates all the data from CD or DVD from where it gets begun. Receptacle documents can’t get opened straightforwardly, to utilize them you need to either consume it to the circle or mount it to a virtual drive.

You can change over the BIN file to an ISO file that licenses you to utilize a lot more applications to consume or mount it.

binary file

1.        Burning BIN File

2.        Mounting the picture

3.        Converting BIN File to ISO File

Method1: Burning BIN File

1.        Search your records:

On the off chance that you attempt to copy the BIN file to CD or DVD, you likewise need the CUE document to go with it. On the off chance that you hold the BIN document yet can’t discover the CUE record, you would then be able to make one.

2.        Create CUE File:

  • Enter File name “filename.bin” BINARY.
  • Rename the filename.bin to the BIN file that you attempt to consume.
  • Save the CUE file in a similar folder envelope as the BIN file.
  • Tap the File button and select Save As.
  • Give the document a Prompt document extension.
bin file format

3.        Open consuming application:

As the BIN file is an obsolete record design, the main more established applications completely support it, particularly with regards to the multitrack BIN records. Normal applications incorporate CDRWIN, Alcohol 120%, and Nero.

4.        Load Image File:

Contingent upon the application, you would need to stack the CUE file or it can request a BIN document. When the picture document gets stacked, you should check out a readout showing how much space the picture will take on the plate to store.

5.        Start consuming:

When you confirm that the picture has stacked accurately, then, at that point, embed a clear circle and start the consuming system. The time it takes to consume relies upon the size of the picture, your burner’s speed, and your PC task.

6.        Test the circle:

When the consuming system moves past, then, at that point, test the circle by embedding it into the gadget you consumed it for. ensure that everything loads accurately and that any tracks are in the right spot.

Method2: Mounting the Image

1.        Install virtual drive programming:

The virtual drive will imitate the actual optical drive in your framework and grants you to “mount” the picture document in it. This fools your framework into thinking about a circle that has been embedded, and the picture gets stacked actually like it was running from the plate.

There are various virtual drive choices accessible. WinCDEmu is among the most famous ones accessible free of charge. thus, Be cautious while downloading it, as there are a few times where it attempts to download program toolbars and additional products you presumably needn’t bother with.

Mounting the picture will possibly work if the picture is intended to run on a PC. For instance, mounting a picture of an old control center game won’t stack anything, because the plate initially just deals with that control center.

2.        Mount the picture:

Projects, for example, WinCDEmu will put a symbol in your System Tray. Right-click on this symbol, drift more than one of the phony drives, and afterward select Mount Image.

Peruse the CUE record on your hard drive. Recollect that the BIN files should be in a similar folder. Whenever you’ve discovered the CUE file, load it to mount the picture.

3.        Open the circle:

When the picture is mounted, your PC will go about as though an actual circle has quite recently been embedded. This implies Autoplay may open, or you may be asked how you need to manage the plate. The messages you get rely upon the substance of the circle just as your framework settings.

Method3: Convert BIN File to ISO File

Download a change program:

You will require a transformation program to change the BIN document to an ISO record. When you change it to an ISO document, you will want to mount or consume the record with a lot more projects.

One of the most famous free transformation programs is MagicISO.

1. Open the converter instrument.

2. Browse for your BIN document.

3. Choose the name for the new ISO document.

4. Convert the document.

5. Mount the ISO file.

6. Burn the ISO file.

7. Explore the ISO document.


As the generations have passed, we have witnessed a rapid switch in the field of technology. Whether it be a smartphone or a digital file, anything that was once trendy has now become obsolete. 

And because of this reason, users will have to come up with some workarounds to make things work, as in this case to open up a Bin file extension.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which app can be used to open Bin file extensions?

Generally, your native file explorer is that one go-to tool that is capable of handling different file types.

However, if you are not able to open it up using the native file explorer app, then you can install third-party apps like File Viewer Plus (on Windows), and MiXplorer or Note Editor (on Android).

Can you delete Bin files without causing any problems?

This answer is totally situation based. For instance, if the Bin file is outside the “C:\Windows“, then you can safely delete it without any second thought. 

However, if it is inside the “C:\ Windows’‘, then we suggest you avoid deleting it as it can cause a severe OS problem like “System Crash.” 

What will happen if I delete a Bin file that belongs to a particular software?

If you ever happen to delete a Bin file that belongs to a particular software, then you will encounter a severe app crash for that particular software.

Can VLC media player run Bin file?

No, media players like VLC cannot run Bin files directly as they require a specific kind of information that can tell them what kind of data is being passed to them.

Plus, the VLC media player as the name suggests is a media player and not a file manager software.

How to open a Bin file on a Chromebook?

To open a Bin file on a Chromebook, all you need to do is;

  • Add an extension called “Archive extractor” to your Chrome browser.
  • After the installation process is completed, launch it.
  • Lastly, just “Drag and Drop” your BIN file into the Archive Extractor window.

When the extraction gets completed, you will be able to access all the files in just a few clicks.

Can a Bin file also be a virus?

Yes, any file format including the Bin file format can be used as a virus. Now, for Bin files it is known as Bin ransomware as it is a variant of the Scarab ransomware family. 

The developers use this type of ransomware file to encrypt data and blackmail people by demanding ransom if they want to access their files in future.

Is Bin the same as an ISO file?

No, a Bin file is not the same as an ISO file because ISO is a simple disc image format, while Bin is a raw copy of a disc, that includes a tracklist, multi-track, copy protection, error correction and other system-specific information.

Are Bin files human readable?

No, Bin files are not human-readable as they are made up of binary computer codes. Also, the usage of such files is solely dependent on how it is interpreted by the software that you open with.

Why are the files called Bin?

The files are called Bin because it stands for Binary, and they are executables.

Can you convert Bin to Zip?

Yes, with a proper converter tool, you can easily convert a Bin file to a Zip file.

You can use ezyZip to convert Bin to Zip.

Can a Bin file be opened directly?

No, you cannot open up a Bin file directly. To use it you will need to burn it to the disc or set it up into a virtual drive.

What are the common commands used by users in Bin file format?

The common commands that are used by users in Bin file format are as follows: cat, cp, cd, Is, etc.

Can you edit a Bin file in Notepad?

No, Bin files cannot be edited as they are not plain text files which are supported by Notepad.

Now, in order to edit a Bin file you will have to use a special editor software like “Hex Editor.”