Open BAK File and How to open it

What are BAK Files?

BAK file alludes to the Backup File that contains the subtleties identified with the product framework, the substance of the data set, or some other record. The most widely recognized bak files are the data set reinforcements of SQL Server Database, yet some different projects, for example, SqlBak might make the documents with this file extension.

bak file

As this file extension is utilized for the reinforcement documents of any sort and to make the bak documents, no normalized design is accessible there; each program that makes BAK files can conclude how to organize them.

Steps to Restore BAK File

1.  Firstly, on the information base that you wish to re-establish, make a right-click on it.

2.  After this, look at the radio tab from the gadget and afterward click on the button to look through the area of the BAK document.

3.  You will then, at that point, get to the screen actually like the one given beneath, where you need to tap on the Add button to pick the BAK file.

4.  Another screen that seems is actually like the one given beneath, where you need to go to the folder which incorporates your BAK file and afterward select the File for re-establishing.

5.  Once the File gets chosen, click on the OK button and afterward OK again until you return to the screen to choose the reinforcements you wish to re-establish.

6.  You will then, at that point, have the toddler and tick both the full reinforcement type and the exchange log to re-establish the interaction to succeed.

7.  Once you select the reinforcement File, you should then press OK, and afterward, you will get geta message like this.

8.  That’s all you need to perform. Presently your information base gets on the web, and you would then be able to get to the information inside it.

open bak file

Techniques to Open BAK File in Microsoft Excel

Technique 1: Convert SQL.BAK to Excel Manually

  • Firstly, find and search the SQL.BAK record on the neighborhood drive of your framework.
  • Then duplicate and save the bak record to another free from any dangerous gadget.
  • Then, open File Explorer, select the view button, pick the choice, uncheck “Conceal Extensions for the Known File Types,” and afterward click on the OK button.
  • The following stage is to open the gadget with the replicated SQL data set reinforcement document and afterward right-click on the File.
  • After that, select the “Rename” tab and afterward go to change the “.bak” file extension into another expansion, for example, “.xls file” or “.xlsx file.”
  • Lastly, double tap on the renamed File and afterward open the File in Microsoft Excel.
  • And now you can take a look at the SQL.BAK information in an Excel bookkeeping page, and you can likewise alter the data set as required.
how to open bak file

Technique2: Restore BAK document to SQL Server.

1.  Restore through SQL Server Management Studio

  • Firstly, open SSMS alludes to SQL Server Management Studio, then, at that point, right-click on the information base to re-establish the BAK information and afterward select the “Assignments” and go to Restore tab and afterward click on Database button.
  • Click on the three dabs symbol arranged close to the “From Device” area, search to pick the BAK file saved money on the nearby drive.
  • Click on the “Add” button to indicate the specific area where you have put away the BAK document and afterward select it and snap on the OK button to affirm.
  • Finally, tick the “Full Database Backup” and afterward “Exchange Log Backup” and later snap on the OK button to affirm the activity.
  • After the fulfilment of the re-establish cycle, click on the OK button to complete everything.
convert bak file

2.        Export the Restored BAK file to SQL Database to Excel

  • Firstly, open the SSMS and sign in with the manager account.
  • Reach the Object Explorer, and make a right-click on the information base you wish to open in Excel and select the Tasks and afterward pick Export Data.
  • Then, Enter the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard and tap the Next button to proceed.
  • Later pick the information source from where you need to duplicate the information as shown underneath and afterward tap the “Following” tab to proceed.
  • Choose the objective to duplicate the data set information to Microsoft Excel and afterward click on the Next tab to proceed.
  • Then determine the table duplicate or the Query and afterward select the “Duplicate the information from more than one table or perspectives” and afterward click on the “Following” button to proceed.
  • Select the source tables and perspectives, then, at that point, select the specific tables and perspectives that you need to open in Microsoft Excel, and afterward click on the “Following” button to proceed.
  • Then select the “Run Immediately” choice on the Save order and afterward Run Package and afterward click on the “Following” to proceed.
  • Click on the “Finish” tab on the total wizard.
  • Then click on the Report drop-down button and afterward select the choice “Save Report to File… ” to proceed.
  • Lastly, select Excel as the objective record, and afterward, you can likewise open the traded SQL information base in Microsoft Excel.

Technique 3: Use Third-Party Convert Tool:

On a portion of the open-source sites, a portion of the designers produces outsider SQL. BAK to Microsoft Excel converter apparatus. The most common way of changing SQL.BAK over to Excel is a simple and commonsense technique.