How to open BUP files? (Complete Guide)

Have you ever come across a video file with the extension. BUP and did not know what to do with it? If yes, then this right blog post that can you. We will discuss how to open BUP files, how it works, and how to use it in various applications.

We’ll also go over some of the benefits of using the BUP format and some additional tips and tricks for working with this type of video file. So, if you’re ready to learn everything regarding the BUP file extension, keep reading.

What is a BUP file?

BUP files are those files that are the backup files created and stored on the computer by various computer applications. These files are typically created as image backup files from DVD files to generate a backup image of the contents of the DVD on the computer.

If you are trying to play a DVD on your computer and the.IFO file cannot be read due to surface scratches, you can retrieve the data using the .bup file.

In some cases, the .bup file will automatically contain a backup file that the application creates before it crashes to prevent data loss.

Applications of a BUP file

DVDs can become corrupted as a result of surface scratching. This makes them difficult to read on a DVD drive. DVD players cannot play such a disc if the IFO cannot be read due to scratches. In such cases, media players will use the BUP file, which is a backup of the IFO file.

Advantages of a BUP format file

Using the BUP format has several advantages. The most significant advantage of the BUP format is that most DVD players, whether standalone, computer, or video game consoles, look for and recognize this type of format. It is not encrypted and serves as a safety net for DVD media playback.

The BUP format contains files required for DVD playback and can also be used to convert DVD content to other file formats.

This (BUP) file is frequently seen as a backup of information (IFO) file, which is used on most DVDs. IFO is a DVD file that generally stores all of the information required by a DVD player to play the DVD.

When a DVD player is unable to read an IFO file, it will frequently look for a file in BUP format to continue DVD playback.

The majority of DVD software and hardware can read and, often write files in BUP format. As a required file on every DVD, BUP files frequently serve as a safety net for DVD media playback.

Many software applications that involve DVD playback generate BUP files automatically. This provides users with a standard for DVD playback software and DVD-burning applications.

Like IFO files, BUP files are not encrypted. This means that they can be read by even the most basic DVD software or hardware.

Security may be an issue at times, but the main purpose of BUP files is to back up data and make it available to all media players and DVD players.

Because BUP files are frequently used by DVD copying and burning software applications, all of them must be able to access and read the data contained within the BUP files.

The file in BUP format contains all necessary information about a DVD and is an exact copy of its IFO file counterpart. Menus, tracks, chapters, scenes, and subtitles are examples of this.

This gives the DVD redundancy, ensuring that even if the IFO is damaged or destroyed, the data can still be played.

These BUP files are also more commonly used in converting DVD content to other file formats such as Windows® media video (WMV) and audio video interleave (AVI).

This is because the physical DVD portion containing the BUP is rarely used. Except for unwanted scratches, it is an unharmed section of the DVD than the IFO section.

How to open the BUP file extension?

There could be numerous reasons why you are having trouble opening BUP files on a given system. On the plus side, the most common problems with DVD IFO Backup Format files aren’t complicated.

In most cases, they can be dealt with quickly and effectively without the need for a specialist. The guidelines listed below will assist you in identifying and resolving file-related issues.

  • Step 1: Install PowerDVD software

The most common cause of such issues is a lack of appropriate applications that support BUP files on the system.

This problem can be solved by downloading and installing PowerDVD or another compatible program, such as Nero ShowTime, Corel WinDVD, or Windows DVD Maker.

A list of all programs, organized by operating system support, can be found at the top of the page. Using links provided by official distributors is one of the most risk-free methods of downloading software.

Download the PowerDVD installer from the PowerDVD website.

  • Step 2: Update PowerDVD to the updated version

If the problems with opening BUP files persist after installing PowerDVD, you may be using an outdated version of the software.

If a newer version of PowerDVD is available, check the developer’s website. Support for more modern file formats may be added to updated versions of the software by developers.

If you are using an previous version of PowerDVD, it may not support the BUP format. PowerDVD’s latest version should support all file formats that were compatible with previous versions of the software.

  • Step 3: Assign PowerDVD to BUP files

After installing the most recent version of PowerDVD, make it the default application for opening BUP files. The next step should be straightforward. The procedure is simple and mostly system-independent.

  • In Windows, selecting the first-choice application
  1. When you right-click the BUP, a menu will appear, from which you should select the Open with option.
  2. Select Choose another app, then More apps
  3. To finish, select the Look for another app on this PC entry and navigate to the PowerDVD installation folder using the file explorer.
  4. Check to confirm Use this app to open the BUP files box and click the OK button.
How to open BUP files
  • In Mac OS, selecting the first-choice application
  1. Select Information from the drop-down menu accessed by clicking the file with the BUP extension.
  2. Proceed to the Open with section. If it’s closed, click the title to see what’s available.
  3. Choose PowerDVD and then click Change for all…
  4. If you followed the previous steps, you should see the following message: This change will be applied to all files with the BUP extension. Then click the Continue button to finish the procedure.
How to open BUP files
  • Step 4: Verify if the BUP is at fault or not

If the problem persists after completing steps 1-3, verify that the BUP file is valid.


BUP files are found on mobile as well as desktop platforms and are compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS operating systems. The main BUP file type has a Popularity Rating of “Low,” indicating that these files are not commonly found on a typical desktop or mobile device.

Although much can be learned about BUP files, these are the most important points that help you to know how to open BUP files.

If you are having difficulty opening these files or would like more information, please see our detailed information in this article.