How to Open BIN files on Windows and Android?

A BIN file is a file that has the .BIN file extension. Though they are not widely used anymore, it is still very important to know about them and how to access them as this information might come in handy while accessing old files. In this article, we shall take a close look at how to open bin files on Windows and Android.

Before we get started, it must be stated that the term “bin” is an abbreviation of “binary”. These files stored important information in the binary format.

These files were quintessential in the era of CDs and DVDs but their popularity has receded since the introduction of digital media.

When do you need to open a .bin file?

.bin files were hugely popular during the heyday of CDs and DVDs. Let us look at scenarios in which you might come across a BIN file.

  • As a setup file in a CD or DVD while installing an antivirus software.
  • BIN files are used as backup image files in CDs and DVDs containing media.
  • They are often used as default setup files in CDs, DVDs and also plug-in devices.

How to open bin files?

BIN files cannot be opened or accessed like normal files. They contain binary information and need to be burned to a disc or mounted to a virtual drive. Only then do they become accessible. But that is not all.

You can also access a BIN file by converting it into an ISO file and this will allow you to use many other programs to access the file.

When it comes to editing a BIN file, it cannot be done like a normal file. You need separate BIN file editing software to make edits to the file. We shall explore more about BIN as we progress.

The process to open a BIN file

Let us now look at the steps by which you can open and read a BIN file.

How to open bin files in windows and android
  1. Burning the .bin file to a separate disc
  • Using a blank disc – This is the first step and you should ensure that your disc has ample space for all the contents of the BIN file. Thus, it is best to use a blank disc.
  • Find the CUE file – This file is your gateway to burning the BIN file. This CUE file contains the organization of tracks on a disc and contains information in plain text. You can find these files in the same folder of their BIN files. They help to burn the BIN file accurately to a blank disc.
  • Burn the file – This requires a bit of research. The popularity and usability of BIN has receded over time. So, you might come across many file burning programs that might not support BIN or CUE files. Make sure you have the right program that supports BIN and CUE files and you also have the right file to burn.
  • Choose the right file – Once you open the program, you will be prompted to select the file that you want to burn. It may be compatible with either BIN or CUE or both. Make sure you have selected the right file before you start burning it.
  • Burn the file to the disc – Now, you can start burning the file to the disc. The size of the file will determine how long it will take. Do not “Cancel” in the middle of the process or eject the disc during the same. Let the process complete itself.
  • Test the disc – You can eject the disc after the burning is complete. After this, you can test whether the file has been correctly burned onto the disc or not. You can insert the disc again and open it to check the contents. You can check whether the BIN has been correctly burned to the disc.

2. Mounting the BIN file to a virtual drive

Mounting on virtual drive to open bin files
  • Search for a viable virtual drive software – This virtual drive will act like a physical drive without actually being one. This will help you to mount the burned BIN or CUE file. You can use the virtual drive to open the file directly on your personal computer.
  • Starting the software – Once the virtual drive software has been downloaded successfully, you can install it and open it. It will automatically launch many programs but there are other programs that you might need to search for to launch them. Once you browse your files through this software, you will be able to find your BIN or CUE file.
  • Choose the desired file – Now, you can search and choose the BIN or CUE file in question. The BIN file and its corresponding CUE will be found in the same folder, and with the same file name. You can choose to rename the files so that it’s easier to tell them apart.
  • Mount the file – Once you have selected the CUE or BIN file, you can choose to mount it on the virtual drive. This will take some time but after this is done, you can open the virtual drive like a physical drive.
  • The last step – Now that you are done with mounting the BIN or CUE file, you can check the file by opening the virtual drive. A virtual drive is not as easy to share as a physical drive but it will help you access the mounted disc.
Checking file in virtue drive to open bin files

You can also choose to convert the BIN or CUE file into an ISO file by the following steps.

  • Find a good software for file conversion.
  • Launch the software and find the option to convert.
  • Search and select the file you want to convert.
  • You can now convert the BIN or CUE file into an ISO file.
  • You can now mount or burn the ISO file.
Burning ISO file to open bin files on windows

These are the two ways to answer your question if you were wondering about how to open bin files on Windows 10.

How to open bin files on Android?

It is quite simple to open BIN files on Android. Let us look at the process.

  • Find a good file opening software tool that is compatible with your version of Android.
  • Install it on your phone.
  • Use this as a third party plug-in device to convert the .bin file extension into an .apk file extension.
  • You should be able to open the file on your android device now.
Opening bin file on android device

How to open .bin files on Mac?

Let us look at the steps by which you can open bin files on your Mac.

  1. You can find and download a file burning program or software that is compatible with Mac.
  2. You can launch it and find the option to burn.
  3. You can now select your CUE or BIN file and start burning it
  4. You will need to select and configure the settings of your output project. You can also specify the number of copies.
  5. You can now start burning the image and wait for the process to complete.
Burning the image to open bin files on windows and android


Thus, it is quite easy to answer the question: how to open bin files. There are many different ways and software available and they will aid you greatly in your technological conquest.